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    - Large resync between W3C and Gnome tree · be803967
    Daniel Veillard authored
    - configure.in: 2.1.0 prerelease
    - example/Makefile.am example/gjobread.c tree.h: work on
      libxml1 libxml2 convergence.
    - nanoftp, nanohttp.c: fixed stalled connections probs
    - HTMLtree.c SAX.c : support for attribute without values in
      HTML for andersca
    - valid.c: Fixed most validation + namespace problems
    - HTMLparser.c: start document callback for andersca
    - debugXML.c xpath.c: lots of XPath fixups from Picdar Technology
    - parser.h, SAX.c: serious speed improvement for large
      CDATA blocks
    - encoding.[ch] xmlIO.[ch]: Improved seriously saving to
      different encoding
    - config.h.in parser.c xmllint.c: added xmlCheckVersion()
      and the LIBXML_TEST_VERSION macro
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