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    Spring cleanup ...: - configure.in Makefile.am config.h.in · 92ad2104
    Daniel Veillard authored
    Spring cleanup ...:
    - configure.in Makefile.am config.h.in xmlversion.h.in: detect if
      we need string functions
    - trio.[ch] strio.[ch]: embedded the Trio-0.23 string functions
      to be able to use them where needed. Applied some changes
      to reduce name linking pollution and compile in only what's
    - HTMLtree.c debugXML.c entities.c error.c nanoftp.c valid.c
      xlink.c xmlversion.h.in xpath.c: got rid of the #ifdef
      for the string manipulation functions
    - xmlmemory.[ch]: removed DEBUG_MEMORY_FREED and added it automatically
      to the free() function of xmlmemory.c
    - entities.c HTMLtree.c parserInternals.c tree.c uri.c valid.c
      xinclude.c xmlIO.c xpath.c xpointer.c: removed the MEM_CLEANUP