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    This change started out as a simple desire to speed up the · 015ccb2c
    William M. Brack authored
    execution time of testapi.c, which was being delayed by
    nameserver requests for non-existent URL's.  From there it
    just sort of grew, and grew....
    * nanohttp.c, nanoftp.c: changed the processing of URL's
      to use the uri.c routines instead of custom code.
    * include/libxml/xmlerror.h: added code XML_FTP_URL_SYNTAX
    * uri.c: added accepting ipV6 addresses, in accordance with
      RFC's 2732 and 2373 (TODO: allow ipV4 within ipV6)
    * gentest.py, testapi.c: fixed a few problems with the
      testing of the nanoftp and nanohttp routines.
    * include/libxml/xmlversion.h: minor change to fix a
      warning on the docs generation
    * regenerated the docs
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