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    (#348): Fix incorrect font sizing · dc4f5845
    Federico Mena Quintero authored
    Pango considers the font size in a PangoFontDescription to be in
    points, and it converts to pixels by using the resolution set in
    However, we were passing our plainly normalized Length values to
    pango::FontDescription::set_size(), i.e. we were passing them in
    pixels, not points.  Thus, Pango was applying extra scaling, and
    messing up the final size.
    This commit hardcodes a value of 72.0 for Pango's resolution.  This is
    so that it will not apply any extra scaling on top of our
    computations.  We are doing the inches-to-pixels conversion, instead
    of letting Pango do it.
    This commit adds 348-font-size-48dpi.svg which two pairs of squares
    and text elements, which should both render at the same size:  one
    pair is done in userspace pixels, and the other pair is done in
    This commit also regenerates 310-font-size-at-48dpi-ref.png - it is
    the only other file that uses absolute font sizes.
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