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    Make RsvgLength carry its own direction for normalization · 5a85e7cf
    Federico Mena Quintero authored
    This is the pattern that was there before:
      foo.some_len = _rsvg_css_parse_length (str);   /* at creation time */
      double real_len = _rsvg_css_normalize_length (&foo.some_len, ctx, LENGTH_DIR_HORIZONTAL); /* at rendering time */
    This led to a few inconsistencies in the way directions got used -
    sometimes cut&paste errors could creep in and a vertical direction
    would be used for a horizontal length, for example.
    This change makes the pattern be
      foo.some_len = _rsvg_css_parse_length (str, LENGTH_DIR_HORIZONTAL);   /* at creation time */
      double real_len = _rsvg_css_normalize_length (&foo.some_len, ctx); /* at rendering time */
    I.e. lengths get their direction-to-be-resolved-as at creation time,
    during parse_length(); this gets stored in a new field length.dir.
    Later, normalize_length() knows which direction to use.
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