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    Visual Studio builds: Add a set of NMake Makefiles · 433088f5
    Chun-wei Fan authored
    This adds a set of NMake Makefiles, which will replace the Visual Studio
    projects, so that we can have a more flexible build setup, and would be
    usable for Visual Studio 2013 and later.
    This also has the advantage to build optional items (such as rsvg-view-3,
    which requires GTK, Introspection, and PangoFT2 support for the test
    programs) on demand in one go, and adds a target 'tests' to build and
    run the test programs in tests/ for librsvg.
    This NMake Makefile set should cover all the build features that are
    handled by the current Visual Studio projects.
    This will also enable the removal of the autotools 'dist hook'
    directives that are being used to generate the complete Visual Studio
    projects, as we are now able to share source listings with the autotools
    build files directly, which will be done in the upcoming commit(s).
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