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    Ignore rsvg-cairo and rsvg-view. · 4574eea4
    Carl Worth authored
    2005-08-04  Carl Worth  <cworth@cworth.org>
            * .cvsignore: Ignore rsvg-cairo and rsvg-view.
            * Makefile.am: Add new rsvg-cairo program.
            * rsvg-cairo-draw.c: (rsvg_cairo_render_path): Fix MOVETO and
            LINETO to pull the right coordinates out of the path structure so
            they don't always draw to (0,0).
            * rsvg-cairo.h:
            * rsvg-cairo-render.c: (rsvg_cairo_render): New header file,
            (intended to be public) which adds a single function for rendering
            with cairo:
                    void rsvg_cairo_render (cairo_t *cr, RsvgHandle *handle);
            * rsvg-cairo.c: (main): Add new test program rsvg-cairo.
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