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    Clean up the GPL notices and #includes. Remove most of the "Author: ..." · 17fb2280
    Dan Winship authored
    	* libgweather/*.[ch]: Clean up the GPL notices and #includes.
    	Remove most of the "Author: ..." comments since they're mostly
    	wrong at this point anyway. The last remaining part of #538657.
    	* AUTHORS: add this, containing just the original author of
    	gweather applet, which is wrong, but it corresponds to what the .c
    	files claimed previously, and we'll figure out who else to list
    	* libgweather/gweather-location.c:
    	* libgweather/gweather-location.h:
    	* libgweather/gweather-timezone.c:
    	* libgweather/gweather-timezone.h:
    	* libgweather/location-entry.c:
    	* libgweather/location-entry.h:
    	* libgweather/timezone-menu.c:
    	* libgweather/timezone-menu.h: Add Copyright and fix license text
    	to say LGPL rather than GPL; it doesn't really matter at this
    	point since the rest of the library is still GPL, but it may be
    	useful in the future.
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