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Avoid some deprecated Gdk/Gtk codepaths

Daniel Kahn Gillmor requested to merge dkg/libgnomekbd:modernize into master

This series of patches avoids some deprecated Gdk/Gtk codepaths.

There are still three significant deprecated codepaths that this does not touch:

  • GtkStatusIcon (used heavily in libgnomekbd/gkbd-status.c) is deprecated the docs recommend converting to GNotification.
  • GKbdConfigurationPrivate (in libgnomekbd/gkbd-configuration.c) is using some legacy approach to setting the private member. i'm not enough of a GObject wizard to know how to fix that safely.
  • GtkStyleContext (in libgnomekbd/gkbd-indicator-config.c and libgnomekbd/gkbd-drawing.c) is used for fetching style data, which is a deprecated use. i think Gtk upstream wants people to just use Gtk to explicitly render whatever they're drawng. in this case, i think libgnomekbd is doing its own drawing and trying to copy the style from the default style context. I don't know whether there's a way to do this more cleanly and avoid the deprecation functions.

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