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Fixes for g_closefrom() backport

Simon McVittie requested to merge wip/smcv/closefrom into master

Sorry, !53 (merged) was not as high-quality as it should have been.

  • build: Really check for close_range() as intended

  • missing: Add syscall number for close_range()

    Taken from systemd, but replacing assert_cc with G_STATIC_ASSERT.

  • missing: Add a wrapper for close_range()

    This is not the same as systemd's, because systemd's disagrees with glibc on the signedness of the arguments (

  • missing: Add flags for close_range()

  • backports: Use glnx-missing.h to provide missing syscalls

With these changes, I've confirmed using strace that Steam Runtime 1 'scout' (an ancient build environment based on Ubuntu 12.04) can successfully invoke the close_range syscall.

/cc @walters @pwithnall

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