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    extended the parameter representation to · 79cf7eff
    Vivien Malerba authored
    2007-09-01  Vivien Malerba <malerba@gnome-db.org>
    	* libgda/sql-delimiter/gda-delimiter-tree.c:
    	* libgda/sql-delimiter/lexer.l:
    	* libsql/sql_tree.c:
    	* libsql/lexer.l: extended the parameter representation to ##<param_name>[::<param_type>[::NULL]],
    	the additionnal "::NULL" at the end meaning that the parameter can be NULL.
    	* tests/queries/*: fixed a bug in the tests
    	* libgda-reports/RML/trml2html/Makefile.am:
    	* libgda-reports/RML/trml2pdf/Makefile.am: corrections to the install and uninstall
    	* providers/sqlite/gda-sqlite-provider.c: correctly return GDA_CONNECTION_FEATURE_PROCEDURES
    	as a supported feature
    	* configure.in: if there is an installed SQLite, also test that the sqlite3CreateFunc symbol
    	is present, and force the embedded SQLile on Windows
    	* providers/sqlite/sqlite-src/: don't need to extract the sqliteInt.h anymore, patch
    	the sqlite3.c to add new PRAGMAS (from the PragmasPatch file), and don't undefine the
    	* providers/sqlite/gda-sqlite-provider.c: when using a system installed SQLite library,
    	catch the functions and aggregates creation to report them correctly when requested
    	* providers/sqlite/utils.c: don't use the 'table_types_list' pragma (that pragma
    	does not exist in SQLite, it was added by a patch to the embedded SQLite)
    	* MAINTAINER: updated
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=2968