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Move tests from libgda/ to tests/

Working on the API doc, I came across strange things:

libgda$ ls -l libgda/thread-wrapper/
dummy-object.c -> ../../tests/multi-threading/dummy-object.c
dummy-object.h -> ../../tests/multi-threading/dummy-object.h

Thread tests are specified in libgda/, libgda/thread-wrapper/ and tests/multi-threading/

There are some tests under libgda/.

libgda$ find libgda -name|xargs grep 'test('
libgda/'OpenConnection', tco,
libgda/'OpenConnectionExecute', tce,
libgda/'OpenConnectionMeta', tcm,
libgda/'RawItSignaler', ttw)
libgda/'ItSignaler', ttws)
libgda/'BlockingItSignaler', ttwbs)
libgda/'Worker', ttww)
libgda/'WorkerConnect', ttwd)

Well, tests belong to tests/.

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