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stylesheet: Overhaul checks and radios

Alice Mikhaylenko requested to merge wip/exalm/menu-checks into main

Screenshot_from_2021-05-19_18-41-02 Screenshot_from_2021-05-19_18-41-42 Screenshot_from_2021-05-19_18-41-48

Dark+checked is too dark atm, but it's another instance of #171 (closed), and this is one of the steps that will allow to lighten it and have this:



Screenshot_from_2021-05-19_18-42-09 Screenshot_from_2021-05-19_18-42-14 Screenshot_from_2021-05-19_18-42-58

Unfortunately there are some regressions with how checks are shown in GtkTreeView, but that seems to be an unrelated bug given we already had stuff like this:


(yes, that's a radio, but with border-radius of a check)

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