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Alice Mikhaylenko requested to merge wip/alice/bottom-sheets into main


  • ::close-request replacement
    • reimplement close response in alert dialog
  • swipes
  • ::close-request on Adw(Application)Window - apps should be able to use it without breaking dialogs
  • rename AdwMessageDialog2
  • make AdwBottomSheet private for now
  • Make adw_dialog_present() less painful to use
  • future proofing the API
    • flags for adw_dialog_present() for per-tab dialogs
    • widget if we want to animate from one (not necessary, can be a separate func probably)
  • docs for new API
    • adapt docs for renamed widgets
  • tests
  • share dialog code between AdwWindow and AdwApplicationWindow
  • global esc to close
  • split remove_breakpoint() into a separate MR
  • finish cleaning up the commits
  • review default sizes
  • update copyright lines
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