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    Merge from jhbuild.bzr · 286babc7
    James Henstridge authored
    bzr-revid: james@jamesh.id.au-20060623074407-cf5788369fb03397
    2006-06-23  James Henstridge  <james@jamesh.id.au>
    	* modulesets/gnome-2.10.modules (pango):
    	* modulesets/gnome-2.12.modules (pango):
    	* modulesets/gnome-2.14.modules (pango):
    	* modulesets/gtk.modules (pango):
    	* modulesets/gtk28.modules (pango): same here.
    	* modulesets/gnome-2.16.modules (pango): depend on libXft rather
    	than Xft.
    	* modulesets/freedesktop.modules (RenderProto, libXrender, libXft):
    	use the versions from the xorg repository.  Remove the obsolete
    	old xlibs/xserver/xapps module definitions.  Addresses bug #345281.
    	* scripts/upgrade-module-set.xsl (cvsmodule): fallback to
    	checkoutdir and module values for "id" if it isn't given.
    	* jhbuild/modtypes/autotools.py (parse_cvsmodule):
    	(parse_archmodule): generate module name in the same way as the
    	old code did for backward compatibility.
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