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    Add post-installation trigger scripts · c3501692
    Colin Walters authored
    Several things in the GNOME stack have file-based caches, like
    gdk-pixbuf's loaders.cache.  These need to be regenerated, and
    historically that worked in jhbuild because these modules include bits
    in their Makefile to run then relevant commands, if DESTDIR is not
    Package managers have post-installation scripts in packages, and OS
    builders typically support this as well.
    Jhbuild historically relied on the post-installation scripts in
    modules, but in (see bug 647231) we switched to using DESTDIR for all
    module types.  So we need to move closer to the package model here.
    We call them "triggers" as they're run after any kind of build
    operation (including "uninstall").
    This patch adds a proof-of-concept trigger script for gdk-pixbuf
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