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    Add an nfs backend based on libnfs · 874bc00b
    Ross Lagerwall authored
    Add an nfs backend based on libnfs to make userspace mounting and usage
    of nfs shares easier.  The backend is written in a single-threaded,
    asynchronous style.  Performance measurements show around 60-70 MiB/s
    throughput on 1GbE.
    To make use of it, simply mount the share with gvfs-mount or Nautilus
    with the following syntax:
    Authentication is simple, based on UNIX uid.
    Since this is a userspace nfs client, it comes with the caveat that the
    mount needs to be exported with "insecure" on Linux (or some equivalent
    for other NFS servers) so that it allows connections from port numbers
    higher than 1023.  Alternatively, a special capability can be given to
    the binary:
    sudo setcap 'cap_net_bind_service=+ep' /path/to/executable
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