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    language-specs: do not mark strings for translation · eec7a2fe
    Sébastien Wilmet authored
    Keep only the _section translatable, those make sense to translate.
    The language names (e.g. Swift, Kotlin, Maxima) should not be
    translated, for example if Maxima is translated the user will certainly
    be confused…
    The style names are not very useful to translate, because the user never
    sees those strings! It is used for example by a gedit plugin to
    create/edit style schemes. The style names are probably hard to
    translate anyway, and I'm sure that it was often translated in a way
    that the user didn't understand what it means… So, since those strings
    are extremely rarely used, and since they are hard to translate without
    context, it is better to not translate them at all. It's like GObject
    Also, the *.lang file format doesn't support well translatable strings.
    Ideally each translatable string should have its own tag, with the
    translatable="yes" property, the possibility to add a context, etc.