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    Vala syntax highlighting plugin updated · c4cefd24
    Marco Trevisan authored and Jürg Billeter's avatar Jürg Billeter committed
    * Added extension support to *.vapi files
    * Support for verbatim strings (triple quoted strings)
    * Dropped standard string support since Vala supports multiline
       strings by default
    * Support for string templates highlighting
       Each string starting with @" is now parsed for variable references
       (using the $ prefix) or for expressions (using the $(expr) container)
    * Dropped support for strings with single quote (they are char's!)
    * Support for directives (#if, #else, #elif, #endif)
    * Support for #if 0, #if false comments
    * Support for @identifiers: they aren't highlighted now
    * Added async modifier keyword
    * Use void as a type
    * Support for Vala attributes
    * Support for types declaration highlighting
    * Support for gtk-doc syntax in comments
    * Fallback to c implementations for decimal, hexadecimal, float, octal
       and char (before not supported)