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    build: Make the default setting work on non-Linux Unix-like systems · f922109a
    Ting-Wei Lan authored
    All of the four platform-dependent backends are enabled by default. It
    is usually a good default because it requires users to explicitly choose
    backends they want to use. Rules in meson.build also automatically
    disable unavailable backends for macOS, Windows, Linux, so users on
    these 3 major platforms don't have to manually disable things when
    running meson commands.
    However, meson.build doesn't do the same thing for other Unix-like
    systems, which is acceptable but not ideal. To make it easier to build
    GTK+ on these systems, the Linux case, which enables X11 and Wayland and
    disables Win32 and Quartz, is made the default for all operating systems
    that are not Windows or macOS.
    This commit also changes most 'host_machine.system()' calls to os_*
    variables, which are easier to read and less likely to be used wrongly.
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