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    Initial implementation of GSK rendering pipeline · 7afdd3fd
    Emmanuele Bassi authored
    GSK is conceptually split into two scene graphs:
     * a simple rendering tree of operations
     * a complex set of logical layers
    The latter is built on the former, and adds convenience and high level
    API for application developers.
    The lower layer, though, is what gets transformed into the rendering
    pipeline, as it's simple and thus can be transformed into appropriate
    rendering commands with minimal state changes.
    The lower layer is also suitable for reuse from more complex higher
    layers, like the CSS machinery in GTK, without necessarily port those
    layers to the GSK high level API.
    This lower layer is based on GskRenderNode instances, which represent
    the tree of rendering operations; and a GskRenderer instance, which
    takes the render nodes and submits them (after potentially reordering
    and transforming them to a more appropriate representation) to the
    underlying graphic system.
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