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    Remove conflicting legacy compose sequences in favour of X.org sequences · 718bf777
    Matthias Clasen authored
    Patch by Jeroen Hoek. See bug 557420 for a prolonged discussion.
    Quick summary of the removed sequences:
    <Multi_key> <asciicircum> <0>
    Consistency. <Multi_key> <asciicircum> [1..9] gives the superscript digit,
    legacy sequence for zero is inconsistent.
    <Multi_key> <c> <o>
    <Multi_key> <c> <O>
    Consistency. <Multi_key> <c> [:letter:] already gives vowel plus caron, legacy
    sequence for c is inconsistent.
    <Multi_key> <comma> <e>
    <Multi_key> <comma> <E>
    Consistency. <Multi_key> <comma> [:letter:] is for letter with cedilla,
    <Multi_key> <semicolon> [:letter:] is for letter with ogolek
    <Multi_key> <C> <slash>
    <Multi_key> <slash> <C>
    Unintuitive. ¢ is visually a vertical bar through a lowercase c, not a slash
    through an uppercase C. ₡ has no alternatives, whilst ¢ can be typed as
    <Multi_key> <bar> <c>.
    <Multi_key> <d> <minus>
    đ can be input through <Multi_key> <minus> <d>. <Multi_key> <d> <minus> is used
    for ₫.
    <Multi_key> <equal> <L>
    <Multi_key> <L> <equal>
    Unintuitive. ₤ has two dashes, £ one; therefore L + = > ₤, and L + - = £.
    <Multi_key> <exclam> <s>
    <Multi_key> <exclam> <S>
    Consistency. <Multi_key> <exclam> [:letter:] is used for letter with dot below.
    § can be input using <Multi_key> <o> <s>.
    <Multi_key> <period> <period>
    Might need an alternative for ˙, but … (upstream) has no alternative either.
    <Multi_key> <underscore> <a>
    <Multi_key> <underscore> <A>
    <Multi_key> <underscore> <o>
    <Multi_key> <underscore> <O>
    Consistency. <Multi_key> <underscore> [:vowel:] gives vowel with macron for ȳ ū
    ī ē too.
    <Multi_key> <minus> <d>
    <Multi_key> <minus> <D>
    <Multi_key> <o> <e>
    <Multi_key> <O> <E>
    Redundant. In upstream as is.
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