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    [ merge from stable ] · 810e4880
    Daniel Elstner authored
    2002-05-27  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    [ merge from stable ]
    Fixes for #83190
    * gtk/gtktreedatalist.h (_GtkTreeDataList::data): Add missing fields to anonymous union: glong, gulong, gint64 and guint64.  This is an internal header file, so it should not affect ABI or API compatibility.
    * gtk/gtktreedatalist.c (_gtk_tree_data_list_node_to_value): Implement missing support for glong, gulong, gint64 and guint64 fundamental types.  Use data.v_uint instead of data.v_int for G_TYPE_FLAGS, as GValue does.
    (_gtk_tree_data_list_value_to_node): ditto
    (_gtk_tree_data_list_node_copy): Add case labels for missing fundamental types, and reorder them to match the other functions.
    (gtk_tree_data_list_compare_func): Implement comparison for glong, gulong, gint64 and guint64.  Use g_value_get_enum() for G_TYPE_ENUM and g_value_get_flags() for G_TYPE_FLAGS, rather than accessing them as gint/guint.  The G_VALUE_HOLDS() check probably won't like this.
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