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    add _gtk_entry_completion_resize_popup. · 18154a2e
    Kristian Rietveld authored
    Mon Nov 17 22:56:09 2003  Kristian Rietveld  <kris@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtkentryprivate.h: add _gtk_entry_completion_resize_popup.
    	* gtk/gtkentry.c (gtk_entry_completion_timeout): popup when not
    	mapped, else resize_popup.
    	* gtk/gtkentrycompletion.c (_gtk_entry_completion_resize_popup),
    	(_gtk_entry_completion_popup): moved all popup resizing code to
    	_gtk_entry_completion_resize_popup, and show the window when there
    	are more than zero items in the completion list again (sigh).
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