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    placessidebar: add Other Locations item · 7db399d9
    Georges Basile Stavracas Neto authored
    Places sidebar is a widget that enabled the user to select
    XDG directories, bookmarks and mounted network locations,
    as well as manages permanent and removable devices.
    The new design that aims to look less clutered makes the
    sidebar display only removable devices, as well as mounted
    networks, bookmarks and XDG directories, and delegates the
    management of permanent devices such as hard drive partitions
    to GtkPlacesView, a newly introduced widget for this specific
    To delegate it, add an "Other Locations..." item to notify
    when the permanent devices manager is required. Besides that,
    don't show these fixes devices on the sidebar itself, as they
    are not supposed to be handled by the sidebar anymore.
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