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    GDK W32: Another massive clipboard and DnD update · 54a43071
    LRN authored
    Rename GdkWin32Selection to GdkWin32Clipdrop, since GdkSelection
    is mostly gone, and the word "selection" does not reflect the
    functionality of this object too well.
    Clipboard is now handled by a separate thread, most of the code for
    it now lives in gdkclipdrop-win32.c, gdkclipboard-win32.c just uses
    clipdrop as a backend.
    The DnD source part is also put into a thread.
    The DnD target part does not spin the main loop, it just
    emits a GDK event and returns a default value if it doesn't get a reply
    by the time the event is processed.
    Both clipboard and DnD use a new GOutputStream subclass to get data
    from GTK and put it into a HGLOBAL.
    GdkWin32DragContext is split into GdkWin32DragContext and GdkWin32DropContext,
    anticipating a similar change that slated to happen to GdkDragContext.
    OLE2 DnD protocol is now used by default, set GDK_WIN32_OLE2_DND envvar to 0
    to make GDK use the old LOCAL and DROPFILES protocols.
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