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    Fix the doc comment format. · 6205777c
    Matthias Clasen authored
    2006-03-30  Matthias Clasen  <mclasen@redhat.com>
    	* gtk/gtkrecentmanager.h (struct _GtkRecentData): Fix the doc
    	comment format.
    	* gtk/gtkrecentmanager.c (gtk_recent_manager_has_item)
    	(gtk_recent_manager_purge_items, gtk_recent_manager_lookup_item)
    	(gtk_recent_manager_get_limit, gtk_recent_manager_add_full)
    	(gtk_recent_manager_get_items, gtk_recent_manager_remove_item):
    	* gtk/gtkrecentfilter.c (gtk_recent_filter_add_age):
    	* gtk/gtkrecentchooser.c (gtk_recent_chooser_set_show_numbers)
    	* gtk/gtknotebook.h (gtk_notebook_set_tab_detachable): Sync
    	parameter names between .c and .h files to help gtk-doc.
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