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    W32: Fix for commit 1f74f12d, re-enabling decimal separator key · 0a6ee5e2
    Fredy Paquet authored
    1f74f12d rendered entry of keypad decimal mark unuseable for
    several national keyboard layouts, this commit amends that, at
    least for W32, and makes GTK+ behave more or less the same way
    W32 behaves.
    The patch works like this:
    - When typing the first character at the keyboard or when switching
      keyboard layouts, the decimal mark character will be cached in the
      static variable "decimal_mark" within gdkkeys-win32.c
    - in case of WIN32, gdk_keyval_to_unicode() asks gdkkeys-win32.c for the
      current decimal_mark when converting GDK_KEY_KP_Decimal.
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