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gstsink: Add support for DMABuf import and graphics offload

Robert Mader requested to merge rmader/gtk:dmabuf-texture-gst-v4l2 into main

By implementing support for GdkDmabufTextureBuilder and GstVideoInfoDmaDrm. This allows zero-copy video playback on Wayland when paired with hardware video decoding.

Can be tested with gtk4-demo --run=video_player

On Weston, plane-only composition even works with content / an overlay on top.

Tested devices:

  • recent Intel devices (VA-API), 4K@60ps
  • AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT (VA-API), 4K@60pfs
  • Raspberry Pi 4b (V4L2 stateful / m2m), 1080p@60fps *
  • Pinebook Pro / RK3399 (V4L2 stateless), 4K@60fps

Additionally requires:

*: no pubilc patches for stateful V4L2 Gstreamer yet

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