Backport "Use correct stat struct for ftw()"

Merged Christoph Reiter requested to merge creiter/gtk:backport-ftw-struct into gtk-3-24

This backports 43f37894 to gtk3 which was part of !188 (merged) originally.

clang v16 got stricter and now fails with (32bit only)

gtk/updateiconcache.c:109:14: error: incompatible function pointer types passing 'int (const char *, const GStatBuf *, int)' (aka 'int (const char *, const struct _stat32 *, int)') to parameter of type 'int (*)(const char *, const struct _stat64 *, int)' [-Wincompatible-function-pointer-types]

Turns out this was already fixed for gtk4 a long time ago.

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