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fixes for xdg-activation regressions (GTK3)

Two fixes for regressions related to recent xdg-activation support in GTK3.24.25, see issue #5386 (closed):

  1. window: focus on window show for wayland activation

    This both supersedes commit 5dca6dce wasn't accidentally wasn't included on the backport to GTK3, plus fixes it for when the application shows its main window using gtk_widget_show instead of gtk_window_present.

    Small notes:

    1. I've conditioned the change to only Wayland as this gdk_window_focus call is only needed for xdg-activation (and on X11 it probably would break focus-on-map). It may also be worth extracting the xdg-activation startup notification logic to some more specific method instead of gdk_window_focus.

    2. The priv->initial_timestamp is set when calling gtk_window_present and the window is not visible and is used immediately on gtk_window_show. On other cases (e.g. if the window is shown using gtk_widget_show) it's GDK_CURRENT_TIME.

  2. gdk/wayland: save custom xdg-activation startup_id

    This fixes handling of custom startup_id's using gtk_window_set_startup_id when xdg-activation is used.

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