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Port filechooser to GtkColumnView

(Depends on !5098 (merged))


  • Drop GtkTreeModel implementation of GtkFileSystemModel
  • Reintroduce filters to GtkFileSystemModel
  • (Optional) Rewrite GtkFileSystemModel using nested list models
  • Reimplement context menus
    • Move event controllers to rows
    • Move per-item actions to rows
    • Fix rename popover
  • Bring back most of show_and_select_files()
    • Show hidden files if needed
    • Remove filters if needed
  • Drag n' drop
  • File sorting
  • Handle icon theme changes
  • Drop tree model use in GtkFileChooserEntry (or drop this widget)
  • Bring back filechooser settings save/restore
  • Figure out the padding situation for cells
Edited by Matthias Clasen

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