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Inspector: Fix running on Windows with GLES (was: fix running GL demos with GLES on Windows)

Chun-wei Fan requested to merge gles-win32 into main


This merge request attempts to give another retry for the Win32 backend to force that only the GLES API set is allowed when we are using an EGL context that is provided by libANGLE.

Hi @otte,

I understand that normally one is not supposed to use gdk_gl_context_set_allowed_apis() in the backend, but it did come to me that it's the only way I found to have things work. What I was getting into was when I ran gtk4-demo with GDK_DEBUG=gl-gles, the demo ran using GLES as expected, but when I ran the GL demos, I got "The EGL implementation does not support any allowed APIs" on the screen. So, this is another shot I took.

As per the discussions on this MR, we could be pursuing an allowed-apis property in GtkGLArea, which most probably means an MR of its own, to fix running the OpenGL demos with OpenGL/ES.

Edit: For now, this tries to fix the GTK inspector to not check for WGL extensions when GLES is being used.

With blessings, thank you!

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