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Rewrite GdkWin32Keymap (V2)

Isopod requested to merge Isopod/gtk:win32-rewrite-keymap-v2 into gtk-3-24

This MR gets rid of the old, slow keymap initalization code. This cuts 600 ms startup latency on my machine. It makes the start of GTK3 applications feel much snappier. (See #2055 (closed))

The new code loads the tables directly from the keyboard layout DLLs. This is not only faster, but also allows us to look up keys without clobbering the global keyboard state.


  • #2055 (closed) GTK3 on Windows takes a long time to start up (in update_keymap)
  • #1033 (closed) gtk+ applications trigger input events on startup (caret / grave accent / acute accent)
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