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    filechoosernative: Make get_filter work for (non-portal) native chooser · baddc90c
    Michael Weghorn authored
    'gtk_file_chooser_get_filter' did not work for GtkFileChooserNative,
    since the previous way did not properly handle the delegate dialog,
    s.a. commit a136cbae
    ("filechoosernative: forward current_filter to delegate dialog",
    2018-11-29) for details, wich basiscally fixed the same thing for
    the 'gtk_file_chooser_set_filter' case.
    This fixes #1820 for the fallback dialog. A solution for the portal
    one (which also requires changes to xdg-desktop-portal and
    xdg-desktop-portal-gtk as well) will be suggested in a subsequent step.
    Bug: #1820