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    gtkimcontextwayland: Shuffle full resets after IM changes · 92813e52
    Carlos Garnacho authored and msizanoen1's avatar msizanoen1 committed
    Doing reset() on the text widgets after commit and delete_surrounding
    is still too eager for some IMs (e.g. those that expect being able
    to commit text while keeping a preedit buffer shown).
    However, reset() is more of a "synchronize state" action on Wayland,
    and it is still desirable to do that after changes that do come from
    the IM (e.g. requesting the new surrounding text and cursor/anchor
    positions). Notably here, the text_input protocol may still come up
    with a preedit string after this state synchronization happens.
    Shuffle the code so that the text widgets do not reset() the IM
    context after text is deleted or committed, but the Wayland IM does
    apply its practical effects after these actions happen. This keeps
    the Wayland IM fully up-to-date wrt text widget state, while not
    altering the ::commit and ::delete-surrounding-text behavior for
    other IM context implementations.