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    Merged from gtk-2-6: · ed30bc0c
    Federico Mena Quintero authored
    2005-01-24  Federico Mena Quintero  <federico@ximian.com>
    	Merged from gtk-2-6:
    	Fix #147785 and clean up the loading code:
    	* gtk/gtkfilechooserdefault.c (LoadState): Make the set of states
    	(gtk_file_chooser_default_init): Start in the LOAD_EMPTY state.
    	(struct _GtkFileChooserDefault): Added a pending_select_paths
    	(load_remove_timer): Add the new states.
    	(load_setup_timer): Likewise.
    	(load_timeout_cb): Likewise.  Switch to the LOAD_LOADING state.
    	(browse_files_model_finished_loading_cb): Switch to the
    	LOAD_FINISHED state.
    	(enum PendingOp): Removed.
    	(struct _GtkFileChooserDefault): Removed the pending_op and
    	pending_select_path fields.
    	(pending_select_paths_free): New utility function.
    	(pending_select_paths_add): New utility function.
    	(gtk_file_chooser_default_finalize): Call
    	(pending_op_queue): Removed.
    	(pending_op_process): Removed.
    	(pending_select_paths_process): New function.
    	(browse_files_model_finished_loading_cb): Call
    	(center_selected_row_foreach_cb): Handle multiple selection by
    	only centering the first row.
    	(get_is_file_filtered): Constify.
    	(gtk_file_chooser_default_select_path): Queue into a list of paths
    	to select if we are not finished loading.
    	(show_and_select_paths): New utility function.
    	(up_folder_handler): Use pending_select_paths_add().
    	(gtk_file_chooser_default_should_respond): Do not call
    	pending_op_queue(); free the pending_selected_paths instead.
    	(gtk_file_chooser_default_initial_focus): Don't queue a pending
    	operation, and don't select the first row unconditionally --- this
    	will happen when the folder is done loading.
    	(shortcuts_row_activated_cb): Free the pending_select_paths.
    	(pending_select_paths_store_selection): New utility function.
    	(gtk_file_chooser_default_map): Call
    	pending_select_paths_store_selection() to save the selection
    	before reloading the folder.
    	(select_func): Umm?  Call gtk_tree_selection_select_iter().  Don't
    	move the cursor here; it will be done when processing the pending paths.
    	* tests/testfilechooser.c (main): Add a button to the command
    	window to unmap and remap the file chooser.
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