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    Default to --disable-gtk-doc (avoid Jade breakage) and --disable-static · dfe57247
    Owen Taylor authored
    Sat Mar  2 14:32:50 2002  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
            * configure.in: Default to --disable-gtk-doc (avoid Jade
            breakage) and --disable-static (static linking causes
            problems with Xft changes.)
            * autogen.sh: Add --enable-gtk-doc by default.
            * Makefile.am: Add a 'mydistcheck' rule that passes
            --enable-gtk-doc to the configure since that is needed
            for 'make dist'.
            * docs/tutorial/Makefile.am (dist-hook): Don't distribute
            the PDF file. (Rule doesn't work on my system, plus it's
            * gtk/Makefile.am: 'make dist' fixes.
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