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    gtk-demo: Make gltransitions demo a bit snazzier · e9885f9c
    Alexander Larsson authored
    This adds a bunch of snazz to the gltransitions demo. It is perhaps
    a bit overloaded now, but it demos everything that we can do.
     * The fire shader is now not a bin, it just renders an animating
       background with no textures involved.
     * The stacks don't all start on the same page.
     * The shaderbin passes the mouse coordinate to the shader.
     * The shaderbin allows specifying a "border" so that you can
       cause effects outside the bin child (something that is new to gtk4).
     * All the buttons and the stacks are now in shader-bins that runs
       a wobbly-widget effect based on the mouse position that
       wobbles outside the child allocation.