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    Typo fixes. (#65607) · a381648f
    Matthias Clasen authored
            * gtk/gtkaccelmap.c: Typo fixes. (#65607)
            * gtk/gtkfixed.c (gtk_fixed_set_has_window, gtk_fixed_get_has_window):
            Fix docs. (#65505)
            * gtk/gtkwindow.c (gtk_window_set_mnemnonic_modifier): Document.
            * gtk/tmpl/gtkwindow.sgml: Document gtk_window_position.
            * gdk/tmpl/dnd.sgml: Document GdkDragProtocol and GdkDragContext.
            * gdk/tmpl/events.sgml: Document gdk_setting_get.
            * gdk/tmpl/fonts.sgml: Document gdk_font_full_name_get and
            * gdk/tmpl/windows.sgml: Document gdk_window_register_dnd.
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