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    Added Gtk+ testing utilities. · 936d27a4
    Tim Janik authored
    * gtk/gtktestutils.h, gtk/gtktestutils.c: added unit test utility functions.
    for the most part, the functions herein involve navigating and interacting
    with dialog elements programatically, to automate user interaction tests of
    dialogs and widgets.
    * gtk/gtk.h: include gtk/gtktestutils.h as public API.
    * gtk/gtk.symbols: added gtk_test_* symbols.
    * gtk/Makefile.am: include gtktestutils.h and gtktestutils.c into the build.
    generate gtktypefuncs.c which contains a list of all _get_type functions in
    Gtk+ and Gdk.
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=19010
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