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    centerlayout: Fix measuring in presence of baselines · c4c118e4
    Sergey Bugaev authored
    The measure logic (unlike the allocation logic) was enforcing strict
    baseline alignment of child widgets even if no child widget had valign
    set to baseline. This was causing GtkCenterLayout to request more size
    than it actually needed.
    Instead, bring the logic closer to that of GtkBoxLayout by introducing
    explicit have_baseline and align_baseline variables. We track and report
    baseline if have_baseline gets set, but it only affects our reported
    minimum and natural sizes if align_baseline ends up set, which happens
    if there's a child widget that has valign set to either one of the two
    baseline values, and itself reports a valid baseline.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSergey Bugaev <>