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    Refactor GtkApplication · 7fd81cf1
    Allison Karlitskaya authored
    gtkapplication.c has turned into a bit of an #ifdef mess over time, and
    many of the current checks are incorrect.  As an example, if you build
    Gtk for wayland, and exclude the X11 backend, much of the functionality
    required by wayland (such as exporting menu models) will be disabled.
    Solve that by introducing a backend mechanism to GtkApplication (named
    GtkApplicationImpl) similar to the one in GApplication.  Add backends
    for Wayland, X11 and Quartz, with X11 and Wayland sharing a common
    'DBus' superclass.
                           |                                  |
                GtkApplicationImplDBus              GtkApplicationImplQuartz
               |                             |
      GtkApplicationImplX11      GtkApplicationImplWayland
    GtkApplicationImpl itself is essentially a bunch of vfuncs that serve as
    hooks for various things that the platform-specific backends may be
    interested in doing (startup, shutdown, managing windows, inhibit, etc.)
    With this change, all platform specific code has been removed from
    gtkapplication.c and gtkapplicationwindow.c (both of which are now free
    of #ifdefs, except for a UNIX-specific use of GDesktopAppInfo in
    Additionally, because of the movement of the property-setting code out
    of GtkApplicationWindow, the _GTK_APPLICATION_ID properties (and
    friends) will be set on non-GtkApplicationWindows, such as dialogs.