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    Remove G_ENABLE_DEBUG around debug checks · 310ab7b5
    Benjamin Otte authored
    It started out as busywork, but it does many separate things. If I could
    start over, I'd take them apart into multiple commits:
    1. Remove G_ENABLE_DEBUG around GDK_DEBUG_*() calls
       This is not needed at all, the calls themselves take care of it.
    2. Remove G_ENABLE_DEBUG around profiling code
       This now enables profiling support in release builds.
    3. Stop poking _gdk_debug_flags and use GDK_DEBUG_CHECK()
       This was old code that was never updated.
    4. Make !G_ENABLE_DEBUG turn off GDK_DEBUG_CHECK()
       The code used to
         #define GDK_DEBUG_CHECK(...) false
         #define GDK_DEBUG(...)
       which would compile away all the code inside those macros. This
       means a lot of variable definitions and debug utility functions
       would suddenly no longer be used and cause compiler errors.