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    Refactored version of _gdk_quartz_window_find_child_by_point, that doesn't · 6ecae9e5
    Richard Hult authored
    2007-05-28  Richard Hult  <richard@imendio.com>
    	* gdk/quartz/gdkprivate-quartz.h:
    	* gdk/quartz/gdkwindow-quartz.c (find_child_window_helper)
    	(_gdk_quartz_window_find_child): Refactored version of
    	_gdk_quartz_window_find_child_by_point, that doesn't return any
    	coordinates as the users of this function already have the
    	coordinates and need to translate them differently.
    	(_gdk_windowing_window_get_pointer): Fixup coordinate translation.
    	(_gdk_windowing_window_at_pointer): Likewise.
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=17968
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