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    New functions gtk_window_set_transient_for() - set up a "transient for" · 621beb8a
    Owen Taylor authored
    Mon Dec  7 01:29:27 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtkwindow.c: New functions
            gtk_window_set_transient_for() - set up a "transient for" relationship.
    	gtk_window_set_default_size() - set the initial size of a window
    	   distinct from its minimum size.
    	gtk_window_set_geometry_hints() - Allow the user to set
    	   minimum, maximum sizes, aspect rations, and gridded geometry,
    	   possibly all with respect to a subwidget of the window.
    	These interfaces are still a wee bit experimental.
    	* gdk/gdk.c: Added gdk_window_set_transient_for(),
    	gdk_window_set_geometry_hints(), and gdk_window_set_role().
    	* gdk/gdktypes.h: Added new types for find-grained specification
    	of WM hints.
    	* gtk/testgtk.c: Various changes to tests to test the
    	above new functions.
    	* gtk/gtkfontsel.c: Squash a few 'const' warnings.
    	* gtk/gtktogglebutton.c (gtk_toggle_button_realize): Restored
    	call to gtk_style_set_background() to prevent egregious
    	flashing to black.
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