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    gdk: Add gdk_window_set_pass_through · 4c3eece6
    Alexander Larsson authored
    An pass_through window is something you can draw in but does not
    affect event handling. Normally if a window has with no event mask set
    for a particular event then input events in it go to its parent window
    (X11 semantics), whereas if pass_through is enabled the window below
    the window will get the event. The later mode is useful when the
    window is partially transparent. Note that an pass-through windows can
    have child windows that are not pass-through so they can still get events
    on some parts.
    Semantically, this behaves the same as an regular window with
    gdk_window_set_child_input_shapes() called on it (and re-called any
    time a child is changed), but its far more efficient and easy to use.
    This allows us to fix the testoverlay input stacking test.
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