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    Merge from stable: · 4a3c812b
    Tor Lillqvist authored
    2003-01-12  Tor Lillqvist  <tml@iki.fi>
    	Merge from stable:
    	* gtk/gtkmain.c: Move inclusion of config.h and gtkintl.h earlier,
    	as gtkprivate.h redefines GTK_LOCALEDIR on Win32, for run-time
    	* gdk/Makefile.am (libgdk_win32_2_0_la_DEPENDENCIES): Depend on
    	* gdk/gdk.def
    	* gtk/gtk.def: Add some missing entries. Thanks to Kenichi SUTO.
    	* gtk-zip.sh.in (DEVZIP): Add bin/{gtk-query-immodules-2.0,
    	gtk-demo}.exe and share/gtk-2.0.
    	* gdk/win32/gdkwindow-win32.c (gdk_window_set_skip_taskbar_hint):
    	Implement by setting or clearing the WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW extended
    	window style.
    	(gdk_window_set_type_hint): Add all cases to the switch (not all
    	do anything, though). Handle GDK_WINDOW_TYPE_HINT_TOOLBAR by
    	calling gdk_window_set_skip_taskbar_hint(). This means that GTK
    	won't know that the skip_taskbar hint is on for the window, is
    	this bad?
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