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    Removed mistakenly added generated sgml · 39440b43
    Owen Taylor authored
    Wed Jun 21 12:50:58 2000  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
    	* docs/es/: Removed mistakenly added generated sgml
    	* docs/{gdk.texi,gtk.texi,gdk.sgml} macros.texi texinfo.tex:
    	Remove outdated info files.
    	* docs/gtk_tut* docs/package_tutorial.sh docs/tutorial:
    	Moved tutorial files into subdir
    	* docs/gtkfaq.sgml docs/faq/gtkfaq.sgml: Move FAQ into
    	* docs/man/gtk_button.pod: Remove. (contents will be
    	integrated into gtk-reference button page.)
    	* configure.in docs/Makefile.am docs/tutorial/Makefile.am
    	docs/faq/Makefile.am: Adjust for new organization
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