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    marshaller fixes. · 35af5c4e
    Tim Janik authored
    Wed Mar  7 13:24:57 2001  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
            * gtk/*.c: marshaller fixes.
            * gtk/gtkmarshal.list: extreme cleanup.
            * gtk/gtktreeview.c (gtk_tree_view_class_init): disable interface
            param spec for now.
            * gtk/gtktexttag.c (gtk_text_tag_set_property): use g_value_get_boxed()
            where appliable.
            * gtk/gtktypeutils.[hc]: updates to GLib API changes.
            special cased autogenerated boxed types from gtktypebuiltins_ids.c
            which are not reference counted:
            GtkSelectionData, GdkEvent, GdkColor, GtkTextIter, PangoTabArray,
            PangoFontDescription, GtkTreeIter and GtkTreePath.
    Thu Mar  1 03:58:56 2001  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
            * gtk/gtktreeselection.h:
            * gtk/gtktreemodel.c:
            * gtk/gtktreedatalist.[hc]: fixed includes. no gobject/*
            file should be included directly, and gobject/gmarshal.h
            as well as gtk/gtkmarshal.h even can't be included directly.
            * Makefile.am: grr, install gtk-config-2.0.
            * gtk/testgtk.c:
            * gtk/simple.c:
            * gtk/gtkmenu.c:
            * gtk/gtkitemfactory.c: use g_object_connect() instead of
            passing "*signal*::*" args to gtk_widget_set().
            * gtk/gtktypeutils.[hc]: got rid of GTK_TYPE_SIGNAL.
            * gtk/*.c: removed trailer arg from property setters and getters.
            macro fixups.
    Thu Mar  1 04:01:57 2001  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
            * test-gdk-pixbuf.c: fixed includes.
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